Superhuman* Health Support

The world's first Intelligent Personal Health Record

* Beth lives in a world of data. She sees what no human can see.

A Health Record with Smarts

Now you can take a more active role in the management of your health and the health of those you care about.

Comprehensive Records

Let Beth record your important health facts, reports and observations for you.

Reach Your Goals

Beth can track your health goals and give you the feedback and encourage you to reach them.

Stay Connected

With your permission, she'll keep your doctors, coaches or carers fully-informed and involved.

Uncover Clues

Beth is continually looking for clues and patterns in your medications, activities, food and other data.

Health Support Programs

Beth supports a variety of structured programs that can help you manage a chronic condition.

Peace of Mind

Beth's perfect memory and 24/7 attention will give you peace of mind - so you can trust in your health journey.

Simplified Health Tracking

Get the tellbeth app. Spend a few seconds a day to protect your future health.

Take a Picture

Take a snap of your medical device readout, your visible symptom or your lab result.

Make Voice Records

Make a quick health-related voice memo about what you're feeling, observing or doing. Or what you've just snapped.

Store Them

Beth will take what you give her, make it readable and "medical", and put it into secure storage for you.

Get Reports

Visual, easy-to-digest reports for you, for your doctor and for your coaches.

Help for Chronic Conditions

Beth's records will help you and your doctor work out what helps. Her prompts, tips and observations can help keep you on track.

Blood Pressure

Snap your monitor-readings, your meals, your drinks and your remaining medications. Tell Beth about your stressful events and exercise.

Weight Problems

Snap your scales, your meals and your MyFitnessPal screens. Tell Beth about your temptations, your stressful events and your exercise.


Snap your glucometer readings, meals, prescriptions and remaining medications. Tell Beth about any complications.


Tell Beth about your stressful and your relaxing activities. Share her observations with your friends and care professionals.


Tell Beth about symptoms and possible allergens. Snap any that are visible. She'll also record your current location and weather.

Joint Pain & Arthritis

Snap your remaining medications and your supplements. Tell Beth about symptoms and home remedies. She'll also record your movement.

High Cholesterol

Snap your scale-readings, your meals, your drinks and your remaining medications. Tell Beth when you start and finish exercising.


Snap your meals, your drinks, your remaining over-the-counter and prescription medications. Tell Beth about your stressful events and symptoms.

Back Pain

Tell Beth about your symptoms, your injuries, your exercise, stretching and your personal remedies. She'll also record how much you move.


Tell Beth about asthma attacks and symptoms, the events that cause them and your use of medication.


Tell Beth about your actions, how you're feeling and possible causes and triggers. Share observations with your close friends and care professionals.

Low Thyroid

Snap your prescriptions and remaining medications. Tell Beth about any symptoms.

Sinus Problems

Tell Beth about symptoms and possible allergens - she'll also record your current location. Snap remaining over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information secure?

Your data is encrypted and stored on hard-to-hack servers. But Beth goes further - she stores all of your information in anonymous records.

How is my anonymity maintained?

Anything in your data that might identify you is scanned-for and removed. Beth just doesn't need to know who you are to do her job - and what she doesn't know, a hacker can't use.

How are my recordings stored?

Voice recordings and photos are cleaned-up and compressed, but otherwise they're kept just as they were created by your phone.

How are those recordings turned into reports?

Clever technology turns your voice records and snapshots into text. More technology translates that text into language suitable for medical reporting.

Does Beth make mistakes?

All the time. That's why it's important that she keeps all of your original recordings. The more information you and I give her, however, the more she learns. She'll make fewer mistakes as time goes by.

Can my doctor get access?

You can give full or restricted access to up to ten people. You can even schedule to send them reports by secure email. Even simpler, you can just hand your doctor your phone at your next visit.

Can I record for someone else?

You can record for up to ten people. Just tell Beth the names you call your children or other dependents when you set up the application.

How much does it cost?

The web application is free and it always will be. Third parties, like your doctor or a coach, may provide and charge for services that use Beth's applications and reports.

What about my provider's PHR?

You can nominate any suitable PHR to receive Beth's reports. If you have a high level of trust in that PHR provider, you may even be able sign into using it.

What is a PHR?

Many health care providers offer a patient Personal Health Record or PHR. It's a digital store where your doctors - and you - can put your medical information.